"The Next Kegeration"

Coming this April with force.

The fifth instalment of this hugely popular event will happen on April 23rd and we are bringing you even more amazing breweries and beers this year.

Tickets are on sale now for $35.

This event is a must on every beer lovers list and never disappoints. It has sold out every year and we see no change in trend this year as craft continues to take over the beer scene.

Don’t be left out.

April 23, '161pm to 7pm

Located in the


Sault Ste. Marie Festival of Beer 2016:
"The Next Kegeration"


Sault Ste. Marie's only beer sampling event, featuring over 20 craft breweries—that's over 60 types of beer from all over Ontario.


To promote craft beer culture in Sault Ste. Marie and Ontario. Besides... why not?

Tickets cost $35 and you get:

  • Entry to one day of the event. Saturday April 23rd (1pm to 7pm),
  • "FOB" glass,
  • 5 beer sample coupons, can buy more for $1 (2 oz),
  • Local entertainment, food and merchandise vendors

NEW THIS YEAR! Merchandise store with items from the breweries, plus some other surprises...

We're sold out!

Didn't get tickets in time? We're going to miss you this year :(, but don't worry we will be back next year! Remember to check out and our Facebook page to keep updated!


What do I get?

$35 gets you entry to one day of the event, Saturday April 23rd 1-7pm, a FOB glass, and 5 sample coupons.

How do I tip?

Tokens are available at 25 cents each at the ticket tables.

How much is a sample?

2 oz ($1 per sample).

Where do I park?

BP has parking all around the front at sides of the building, the water side through the gate is also available.


Sat 1pm-7pm.

Are there unlimited samples?

No, ticket gets you 5 2 oz samples after which samples can be purchased for an additional $1 per sample.

How old do I have to be to attend?

You must be 19+ with valid government issued ID to enter.

Is there a shuttle service?

No. There will however be easily accessible transportation options provided. IE. Driver's Seat.

Where are the washrooms?

Washrooms are located in the front lobby or just outside the festival through the side doors (which will be marked).

Do I need a ticket?

Yes that is your entry to the festival. Unless you have purchased online then your name will be at the door. Valid photo ID and credit card used to purchase are required.

Do I need a wristband?

Yes, you will be given a wristband upon entry. Your wristband gives you access to the festival and must be worn for the duration of the event.